The following equipment
is required so that a business
can use the digital signage:

1) Internet connection & wireless Wifi network
2) TV screen or screens with a USB port and an HDMI input.
3) Master Box

Master Box is a mini computer which displays preselected information on a TV screen without the need of additional equipment. There is no need for a keyboard, a mouse or a PC screen, as it is completely autonomous and displays automatically the presentation content. Master Box connected to the TV set and powered from it (TV USB port), displays information through HDMI, depending on the user's choices.

Master Box is programmed and available by our company and when you receive it, it is ready to use. Through his account, the user selects the script that Master Box will display, using his computer or tablet. The scripts are easily created through his account, without limitation, using the preset spots.


Create your own playlist using the available spots which PROώθηση provides you with. By choosing the desired spots, you transfer them to the scheduling list using drag & drop and you set the time and duration of the display. This way you create dynamic display lists depending on various requirements.

PROώθηση gives you intervention possibility to the spots prepared. Through the "upload files" function, upload your own photos and desired text and change the form of the spot anytime you wish.

With PROώθηση you can create unlimited playlists and choose by yourself not only where and what will play but also the duration of the display of each TV content. Every user has his own spots library and he can easily, even from a distance, handle all his advertisements.

All the banners of PROώθηση have been carried out with HTML5 & CSS3 technology. This means that you can use your own interactive content and have online live data update.

Add useful information for the public to your spots such as news, weather forecast, tips, zodiac signs etc. Increase the attractiveness of the content and capture the customer's attention even more. Only with PROώθηση you combine your advertising messages with an informative and useful for consumers content.

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